Brotherhood Boxing Club



(Mon - Wed - Fri: 3pm-5pm)

(Saturday: 10:30am-11:30am)


(Mon - Wed - Fri: 9am-11am)

(Mon - Wed - Fri: 5pm-9pm)

(Tue & Thur: Private Sessions 6am-9pm)

(Saturday - 12pm-1pm)

82 Wyckoff Avenue, 2nd floor
Ridgewood-Bushwick, New York 11237

Brotherhood Boxing fitness and training programs are the very best in NYC. Our coaches will show you how to unlock the techniques used for centuries by some of the world's best conditioned athletes - boxers.

Skills you will learn You will learn all the skills you would need to learn in boxing such as Footwork, Offense, Defense, and Counters

Private Lessons We offer one-on-one method of training which enables you to learn and get in shape in a more intense setting.

Cleanliness We have increased the amount of cleaning done throughout our gym and encourage everyone who joins to bring their own equipment. We have a limited amount of people at one time and before checking in we check the temperature of everyone coming in the gym.